Thigh Gap in 7 DAYS | 10 Min LYING Inner Thigh Workout, Knee Friendly, No Equipment!

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Summer Shred Challenge
1. Full Body Workout:
2. Legs workout: This video
3. Arms workout:
4. Abs Workout:
5. Back Workout:


1. There is no spot fat loss means, for example, we can not only lose the fat on legs while keeping the fat on our arms, which doesn’t mean the leg workout cannot slim down our legs. Because the leg workout can burn a certain amount of calories, which can lead to burn the fat all over the body. Meanwhile, the workout mainly targets the leg muscles, so it has a specific slimming and toning effect on the legs. 
2. When you do workouts targeting specific part of your body, like Legs or Arms or Abs, including whole body fat burning exercises and watching your diet, can always help to get the results faster! Also, every person is different, so you may take longer or shorter time to see the results compared with other ones.
3. I recommend you consult with medical professionals before beginning any exercise program, and always do exercises in safe environments. This video was not sponsored. I use affiliate links. Thanks for your support of my channel!